Using a dynamic chart in Excel 2013

A Dynamic Chart – How to add one in Excel

Excel Dynamic chart controlled with checkboxes One of the easiest ways to add functionality to a chart that is to make it dynamic. By this, I mean that the interactive chart will display a variety of plots depending on which fields are selected, and one of the easiest and most …

Using the TREND function

Forecasting Using the TREND Function

There are several pre-made functions built into Excel that allow you to predict values based on previous results, and the TREND function is one example. The TREND function is designed for use with linear data, so any attempt to use the TREND function with non-linear data will result in errors. …

vlookup tutorial

VLOOKUP Tutorial

This VLOOKUP tutorial explains in simple terms how the vlookup function works, what its strengths are and also what limitations there are …

Forecasting in Excel 2010

Forecasting in Excel

Forecasting in Excel gives you the ability to estimate values either in the future or the past based on existing data. For …

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