Excel Tutorial video training

Excel tutorial video training for Microsoft Excel

Excel giving you a headache?

Excel tutorial video training for Microsoft Excel is one of the easiest and quickest methods of becoming competent in the use of a spreadsheet.

Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet programs in the world, used by both individuals and businesses to crunch numbers on a gigantic scale.  Excel is, after all an enormous calculator – loved (or feared?) by many people working in finance, statistics, bookkeeping, accounts, banking etc. etc. etc..

What can Excel Tutorial offer?

Over the years Excel has evolved and now, in the 2010 and 2013 editions, it is offered in a 64bit version making the capability truly vast.  Many of the tutorial videos available on this site were made with the 2007 version, but the techniques should work equally well in later versions – it is usually where you find the buttons that changes from one version to another.

Excel Tutorial keeps you up to date

“You don’t know what you don’t know!” I often come across this reaction when I am training. Many people who use Excel on a daily basis have only ever had “on the job” training, and as a result may find that the skills they possess out of date.  Refreshing your skill set is an important part of continuous professional development and a critical factor when you are applying for a new position.  Our Excel tutorial videos are designed for self-study, so as we add new tutorials to the catalog you will see many more that are made using  the latest versions of Excel. And of course, you have lifetime access to all the material so you can watch as many times as you want, pause and rewind, take notes or try the techniques out for yourself.

Watch lots of tutorials for free

Many of the Excel tutorial videos available on this site, including Excel tutorials for beginners, are free to watch as many times as you wish.  In addition there are a number of informative articles about Excel in general, the development of spreadsheet software over the last few years and the huge strides being made with the introduction of the 64 bit version. The Articles page has a number of blog posts that often feature “how-to” articles specific to one particular aspect of the software, so it is worth checking back often to see what is new.

Excel Tutorial 2010 and 2013

As new features are introduced we will be bringing you new tutorials featuring Excel 2010 and 2013. Members automatically get unlimited lifetime access to these as they are added to the catalogue. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the resources offered here, and that you find your efficiency in using Excel improves.

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